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In our recent blogs, we’ve discussed ways to cure acne and the signs and symptoms of skin cancer. Here are some great websites and articles to give you more information about these topics.

  1. In addition to medication, there are natural ways to treat your acne. Ask your dermatologist for more information.
  2. Make sure you are washing your face the right way by following these helpful tips.
  3. WebMD has great information about determining whether a mole is cancerous .
  4. To learn more about the signs and symptoms of skin cancer, visit the Mayo Clinic’s website.
  5. Visit for more information about psoriasis and how to live with the condition.

If you suffer from skin warts, psoriasis, or any other skin maladies, don’t hesitate to contact Arlington Dermatology at 847-392-5440. Our doctors specialize in skin care, skin cancer treatment, and cosmetic dermatology. Call us today to set up your appointment.

woman washing her face