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Family Medicine

in Rolling Meadows, IL

What is the purpose of a primary care provider?

A primary care provider is a partner in your healthcare team who specializes in the first line against acute health issues and works on preventing issues in the future. They will do their best to coordinate care between specialists and keep track of different screenings to keep you healthy.

What is Dr. Rivard’s philosophy on primary care?

I believe that empowering patients with knowledge about themselves and their conditions will help us work together to keep them healthy. This includes discussing rationale for different screening options, what would happen if the screening results were positive, and different treatment options available. In order to do this effectively, a physician must see the person as a whole, and address any barriers to care they may be facing.

Family Medicine in Rolling Meadows, IL

What is Dr. Rivard’s background?

Dr. Rivard was born in Elk Grove, IL and raised in Palatine, IL. He attended Saint Viator High School and received his bachelor’s at Saint Louis University, in Saint Louis, MO. He went on to receive a Master of Public Health degree at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, and completed his MD through UIC College of Medicine, with Rockford for his clinical site. Dr. Rivard completed his residency in family medicine through Northwestern’s McGaw Medical Center at Lake Forest Hospital. He is excited to provide quality primary care in the community where he grew up.

What resources are available to a primary care patient in a dermatology office?

Patients are able to see Dr. Rivard who is board certified in Family Medicine in the same building as Arlington Dermatology. He is able to provide care for a wide range of conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, and all the preventative care visits that would be found in a typical primary care office setting. Annual exam visits include all required preventative care screenings as per the American Board of Family Medicine as well as the United States Preventative Task Force, orders for vaccinations as appropriate, and follow-up visits to manage the above conditions and others such as obesity, smoking cessation, and mental health issues.
He is also able to provide a wide range of primary care procedures that overlap with his colleagues in dermatology, such as shave biopsies, punch biopsies, and excisions when appropriate.

How can I schedule an appointment with Dr. Rivard?

Dr. Rivard will have general primary care appointments open on Monday and Tuesday of each week, with acute care visits on other days of the week. If you are planning on establishing care with him, please complete a medical records request form from Arlington Dermatology’s website, and have your prior primary care records sent to our office. You can call the same phone number you would use to schedule with the dermatology providers at the same office.

Patient Testimonials

I see my dermatologist Megan here and she’s incredible!! She listened to my concerns on my skin and allowed me to go on accutane even though she offered other options. I absolutely love her assistant Mariana i believe her name is (not sure if i spelled it right). But she’s super fun, kind and i always look forward to seeing her!! Love this location and I love that they accept my insurance too! – Dime A