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Reasons to Visit Your Dermatologist for Psoriasis Treatment Rather than Your Primary Care Physician

May 21, 2013

If you have flaky, red patches on your skin, you may be suffering from psoriasis. This autoimmune condition isn’t a serious threat to your health, but it can be uncomfortable and cause cosmetic concerns. Although your primary care doctor may be able to recognize the signs of psoriasis, it makes sense to let a dermatologist manage the condition. If you’re trying to decide where to make your appointment for psoriasis care, here are some reasons you should choose a dermatologist:

More Experience

Dermatologists see more cases of psoriasis than do primary care physicians. That level of experience means that they are more in tune with the symptoms and best treatment options. Primary care physicians may not have the benefit of having tried different medications and noting which offers the best results. They may also not have had feedback from enough patients to recommend effective lifestyle tips to control symptoms. The experience a dermatologist brings to the table can get you better treatment, faster.

Skipped Referral

If you are diagnosed with psoriasis, your primary care physician is likely to refer you to a dermatologist for treatment. For patients with high co-pays, high deductibles, or no insurance at all, every office visit counts. Save yourself the money and time of extraneous appointments and go directly to a dermatologist so treatment can begin.

Specialty Knowledge

In medicine, new developments arise all the time. Since your primary care doctor practices general medicine, it is impossible for him or her to keep up with every development in every discipline. Dermatologists, on the other hand, specialize specifically in skin care, so they are likely to be tapped into the newest findings in the field, including new remedies for psoriasis. This allows dermatologists to offer cutting-edge care that your primary care doctor may not know about yet.

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