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Has acne taken a toll on your skin? Have years of sun exposure caused your complexion to show more sunspots and wrinkles? If so, you may be the ideal candidate for a salicylic acid chemical peel. Chemical peels provide a comprehensive exfoliation experience with the use of a gentle acid solution that dissolves the top layer of dulled and dead skin cells. After just one chemical treatment, many patients notice an immediate improvement to their skin’s texture. Over time, multiple chemical peel sessions can lessen the look of hyperpigmentation, facial lines, and acne scars. If you want a clearer and smoother complexion, ask your skin care center about its salicylic acid chemical peel options.

Arlington Dermatology is a comprehensive skin care center that offers both dermatology care and cosmetic treatment services. Whether you need care for sunspots or skin cancer, we can provide the help you need. Call our Arlington Heights office today at 847-392-5440 to schedule a consultation with a dermatologist.

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