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Although lying in the sun might feel great, it is not good for your skin. Actinic Keratoses (AKs) are lesions that develop on the skin after years of going out in the sun without proper skin protection. Dermatologists consider them the first stage of skin cancer.

Also known as sunspots, these legions can appear on the head, ears, neck, arms, lips, hands, scalp, and lower legs. Fair-skinned people are the most susceptible to this skin condition. If you notice sunspots on your skin, you should make an appointment with the dermatologist so you can find the right course of treatment.

At Arlington Dermatology, we care about the condition of your skin, which is why we help you find solutions to all of your issues. From skin cancer treatment to acne help, we are always working to give you the best skin possible. For more information on our services and treatment options, visit us online or call 847-392-5440.

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