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What Is Hand Eczema?

Mar 6, 2014

Ten percent of the population suffers from hand eczema, or hand dermatitis. This skin condition is caused by both internal and external factors that can cause inflammation. Keep reading to learn more about the condition and how it affects a person:

Hand eczema can lead to redness, itchiness, pain, dryness, and cracks in the skin. Someone suffering from the disorder might also have blisters. This condition is uncomfortable and painful and can even affect the way a person can do his or her job.

If you notice any of the symptoms of hand eczema on your body, the experts at Arlington Dermatology can help you find a treatment that works. Our medical staff is here to give you the dermatological care that you need to handle issues like hand eczema or acne. To learn more about our practice or to make an appointment, visit us online or call [company-phone id=1].

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