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Your dermatologist can help you target cosmetic issues that make you feel self-conscious. If your eyelashes are shorter and thinner than you would prefer, Latisse can help without the need for invasive surgery. Use this guide to figure out the best way to apply the solution to get the results you want:

Make Sure Your Face is Completely Clean

Latisse is a product that should be applied nightly. Before you put the product on your eyelashes, though, it is important to wash your face thoroughly to get rid of all dirt and makeup from the course of the day. Take out your contact lashes and make sure that the area around your eyes is very clean before moving on to the next step.

Put Latisse on the Applicator

To apply Latisse, take out one applicator at a time. You only need to add one drop of Latisse close to the tip of the applicator. Carefully drag the applicator along the upper eyelashes where they meet the skin. You do not use the applicator along the bottom lashes or you might see hair growth outside of the intended area.

Clean the Area Near the Lashes

After you have carefully applied the product, use a tissue to blot the area around the eye to get rid of any excess solution. Throw the applicator away after you use it once. You should use a new applicator to apply the Latisse to the other eye and repeat the blotting process when you are finished.

Come to Arlington Dermatology today to start getting Latisse treatments that can help you get the long, thick eyelashes you have always wanted. We also specialize in acne treatment and have a skin care center to help target your issues and find a real solution. To learn more about our dermatological services, visit us online or call 847-392-5440.

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