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Exploring How Diet May Contribute to Acne Problems

Jun 11, 2014

The foods you eat affect your body and your health more than you might realize. If you are suffering with acne , your diet might be the cause. Keep reading to learn more about how food contributes to skin conditions like acne:

Excess Sugar

When you eat a lot of sugar, your body must produce more insulin to break it down and send it to the proper locations. Diets high in sugar increase the amount of insulin in a person’s bloodstream. Researchers have found a link between high levels of insulin and acne breakouts. If you eat a lot of sugar and have bad skin, cutting down on the sweets could help you get a better complexion. If you still have issues, make an appointment with the dermatologist for further treatment options.


Although there is no proven link between the two, many researchers believe that high amounts of dairy could increase a person’s risk for developing acne. Milk and other dairy products have components similar to testosterone, which could increase production in the oil glands, which makes a person more likely to develop acne. Try to decrease your daily dairy intake to see if it improves your skin. If it does, you might want to eliminate it completely from your diet.


Although there are plenty of healthy fats that improve your overall health, too much saturated fat could have a negative effect on the condition of your skin. Stay away from fatty foods like French fries and potato chips. You should also try to decrease the amount of vegetable oil you use and buy organic meat and eggs. Increase your fish intake to get more omega-3 fatty acids, which benefit your body.

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