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Identifying Common Skin Growths

Oct 15, 2014

When it comes to dermatological conditions, one of the most bothersome and puzzling for patients to deal with is mysterious skin growths. If you are frequently developing small bumps or growths on your skin, it’s important to know that there are plenty of effective treatments a dermatologist can employ to eliminate those growths. Here is a guide to identifying common skin growths.

Swollen Boils Brought on by Bacteria

When it comes to common skin growths, many patients consider boils to be one of the more embarrassing problems to seek attention for. A boil is caused by a bacterial infection in a hair follicle and can swell with pus and tissue up to the size of a golf ball. If you are worried that you might have a boil, the best way to know for sure is to see your dermatologist.

Warts of All Varieties

Unlike a boil, a wart is the result of a viral infection. Warts can occur anywhere on the body, but are commonly seen in several specific areas based on their type. Genital warts appear in the groin area and warrant immediate attention, as they can be a sign of HPV and other infections. The most painful warts you can experience are plantar, which target the feet and require treatment from a dermatologist.

Irritating Skin Tags

Another common type of skin growth you may develop over your lifetime is a skin tag. Skin tags are especially common in middle-aged women and women who have diabetes. Dermatologists believe they occur when skin rubs against skin, which explains why they are common in the armpits and inner thigh area.

Lipomas on the Torso and Neck

Lipomas are small, round masses of fat that tend to develop on the torso, the neck, and the forearms. As your dermatologist will share with you, lipomas are typically non-cancerous, but it is crucial that you have them checked out because in rare cases, they can be cancerous. Your dermatologist will perform a biopsy to check for cancer and may advise removing the lipoma.

If you’re having trouble identifying your skin growth or are concerned about a particular blemish, contact Arlington Dermatology today. Our dermatologists specialize in a wide range of skin conditions and are experienced in treating skin growths of all kinds. Call [company-phone id=1] to schedule a consultation with us.

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