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Wise Up to Winter Skin Care [INFOGRAPHIC]

Feb 11, 2015

When temperatures fall, does your skin health fall with them? If so, you’re not alone. Winter takes a major toll on skin for a number of reasons. One is that cold air tends to be less humid than warm air, so your skin takes in less moisture. Another is that the heating system that keeps you comfortable on cold nights can also strip your skin of moisture. The older you get, the more vulnerable you are to winter-related skin problems, including cracked, red skin and a dull complexion. Learn how to battle back against winter skin woes in this infographic from Arlington Dermatology. Make an appointment with a dermatologist in Arlington Heights at our practice if you’re concerned about your winter skin health or if you need acne, rosacea, or skin cancer treatment. Help your friends who are also bemoaning the condition of their winter skin by sharing this helpful information with them.

Winter skin care infographic