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If you live with psoriasis, then you know how difficult it can be to both manage your symptoms during a flare up and to prevent breakouts from occurring in the future. One of the best resources for advice and therapies to use in order to find relief from your condition is an experienced dermatologist in Arlington Heights. Here is word of wisdom from our own experts on managing stress to manage psoriasis.

Benefits of Managing Stress

While stress management is something that all persons can benefit from, those who are living with psoriasis can see particular advantages to lowering the amount of anxiety they experience week to week. Stress triggers psoriasis by agitating the immune system in a similar way that an infection or injury might. By reducing stress, you can reduce inflammation.

Methods for Reducing Everyday Anxiety

Now that you know the effectiveness of stress reduction as a psoriasis treatment, it’s important for you to discover your own technique for managing stress. Some methods that work well in accompanying psoriasis treatment include meditation, talking to a friend or therapist, and exercising. Research shows that exercise can be particularly effective in managing psoriasis for women.

Maintaining Stress Relief in the Future

Once you discover the right strategies for managing stress, be sure to also consider methods for maintaining your stress free lifestyle in the future. Create a daily journal where you track your activities as well as your accomplishments in sports, hobbies, or other interests that you participate in for stress reduction. Consult with your cosmetic dermatology professionals as well for more tips on long-term psoriasis management.

Are you looking for effective ways to reduce the hold that psoriasis has on you physically and mentally? Here at Arlington Dermatology Associates, we specialize in treating a variety of conditions from dermatitis to eczema, and offer a number of effective psoriasis treatments. Call us at 847-392-5440 to learn more about our Chicagoland area practice.

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