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Risks Associated with Actinic Keratosis

Apr 7, 2015

Of all the skin conditions associated with sun damage, actinic keratosis remains one of the most commonly diagnosed by dermatologists. This condition, otherwise known as solar keratosis, occurs when normal skin cell development is hindered by ultraviolet radiation on commonly exposed areas of the body like the hands and face. While many patients are insecure about the outward appearance of these blemishes, it is the activity beneath the surface of the skin that is more disconcerting.

Risks associated with actinic keratosis include a heightened risk of squamous cell carcinoma and progression into a cutaneous horn. If you are concerned that a spot on your skin could be an indicator of actinic keratosis, then contact our cosmetic dermatology professionals today. Call Arlington Dermatology at [company-phone id=1] to learn more about actinic keratosis treatment in Arlington Heights.

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