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Get the Facts About Adult Acne

Oct 22, 2015

Suffering from acne can cause individuals to feel unattractive and insecure. Even though acne is often associated with the teenage demographic, many adults also suffer from this skin condition. If you have adult acne, a dermatologist can help you regain your confidence and attain the beautiful skin you dream about. To help you better understand your adult acne, here are some facts on the topic.

Adult Acne is Common

According to Brown University, acne affects nearly 17 million Americans—and many of them are adults. Sometimes acne will skip the teenage years and make its first appearance when you are an adult. This is normal and is known as adult-onset acne. Individuals can experience acne in their 30s, 40s, and even their 50s. Fortunately, there are acne treatments available no matter your age.

Stress Can Cause Adult Acne

Being an adult comes with many perks, but it also comes with many responsibilities that can be stressful. Between getting the kids fed, bills paid, maintaining healthy relationships, and trying to make time for you, life is overwhelming for any adult. Although not all adults will develop acne in stressful situations, it can contribute to breakouts. Staying organized and lowering stress may help you control breakouts.

What You Put on Your Skin Matters

Applying topical sunscreens and makeup to your skin can lead to breakouts if you do not choose the right products. Heavy, pore-clogging makeup can cause acne to appear but switching your makeup to lightweight powders can help your skin breathe easier. As for sunscreen, choosing a product that is filled with chemicals can cause your acne to become irritated. A cosmetic dermatologist can help direct you to sunscreen options that won’t harm or irritate your skin.

If you find yourself feeling unattractive because you suffer from adult acne, contact Arlington Dermatology at [company-phone id=1]. Our team of dermatologists in Arlington Heights has experience with acne, rosacea, more. For over forty years we have been helping our patients love the reflection they see in the mirror. We look forward to helping you regain your self-confidence and beautiful skin.

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