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Surprising Triggers of Psoriasis

Nov 17, 2015

Psoriasis is an extremely common condition that affects the skin. Itchy, dry patches that are formed by skin scales that build up to form rashes characterize the condition. While there is no cure, a dermatologist can help you manage symptoms. There are many triggers that can induce flare-ups. Read this article to discover some of the surprising triggers of psoriasis.


Stress wreaks havoc on different aspects of life, from sleep to eating habits. Psoriasis is no exception to having a relation to stress. When under stress, people with psoriasis have much higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol than people who do not have psoriasis. While stress itself can cause a flare-up, it can also affect the level of flare-up that occurs.


If you have psoriasis, what you eat and drink can play a role in managing your symptoms. For many people, certain foods cause different reactions. Sugar can be a trigger for some people while processed foods can be a problem for others. A balanced diet of whole foods, with lots of fruits and vegetables and minimal saturated fats and sugars, can keep symptoms at a minimum. Additionally, alcohol can be a trigger for symptoms as well. This factor also varies in different people; some may be able to have alcohol in moderation with no noticeable difference while any alcohol triggers others.


If your body is sick or fighting off an infection, it is an opportune time for psoriasis to flare up since your immune system is compromised. While your body is using its energy to get healthy again, flare-ups will likely happen. Certain medications can also have adverse effects that can impact psoriasis flaring up.


Depending on where you live, the weather may also trigger psoriasis symptoms. People who live in areas with dry, cold winters are no stranger to dry, itchy skin. For those with psoriasis, winter can exacerbate the symptoms.

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