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There are many different conditions that affect the skin that you should consult a dermatologist about if you notice them on your skin. Some conditions are more serious than others, and it is important to be familiar with common conditions so that you can recognize symptoms. One of these conditions is basal cell carcinoma. A basal cell carcinoma, or BCC for short, is a common type of skin cancer.

BCC is one of the most common types of skin cancer, but unlike other forms, it does not metastasize. Instead, BCC destroys the surrounding tissue. Generally, BCC appears on the face, but can appear anywhere on the body. They appear to be similar to a pimple, presenting with a shiny, red bump. Even though they develop slowly over time, it is important to seek care from a dermatologist if you notice any abnormal growths.

At Arlington Dermatology, our dermatologists are skilled to examine for all types of skin cancers and skin cancer treatment in Arlington Heights. To schedule an appointment or learn more about carcinoma or melanoma, call 847-392-5440

signs and symptoms of skin cancer infographic