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Actinic Keratosis and Skin Cancer Prevention

Jun 28, 2016

Actinic keratosis are “rough spots caused by sun.” These lesions are associated with UV damage and can lead to carcinoma without treatment from a dermatologist.

This video explains that while not all actinic keratosis lesions will turn into carcinoma, early treatment is much easier than skin cancer treatment if skin cancer does occur. Treatment options for actinic keratosis include freezing, topical medications, and photodynamic therapy, all of which eliminate affected skin cells from the body.

If you are concerned about changes in your skin, visiting your dermatologist is the best way to identify and treat potential issues as early as possible. At Arlington Dermatology, we offer treatment for actinic keratosis and carcinoma in Buffalo Grove, as well as treatment for dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and acne. You can learn more about identifying the signs of common skin concerns on our website, or call (847) 725-0824 to schedule an appointment for specialized skin care today.