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Exploring Arlington Dermatology’s Commitment to Clinical Research

Jul 12, 2016

Clinical research is the cornerstone of advancement in medicine. At Arlington Dermatology, we’re proud of our long-term involvement in dermatologic clinical research through the Research Center at Arlington Dermatology, led by Dr. Michael Bukhalo. By being part of clinical research, Arlington Dermatology not only helps to develop new treatments for conditions that affect our patients, but we also get to stay on the cutting edge of care by playing an integral part in the development of new medications. Here is a closer look at clinical research and the role we play.

Clinical Research 101

Clinical research is an essential component in the development of new drugs. It is overseen by the Federal Drug Administration, or FDA, to ensure that research is conducted safely and ethically and that results are authentic. No part of this process is more closely managed by the FDA than clinical trials that involve patients, and researchers who take part in these activities must meet strict compliance guidelines call GCP rules, or Good Clinical Practice. The goal is to develop drugs that are effective, work quickly to minimize the time patients have to take them, have a minimum of side effects, and above all, are safe.

Clinical Trial Phase

Every drug goes through specific developmental phases: pre-clinical and phases 1, 2, and 2. Pre-clinical development usually occurs in labs using animal testing. Phase 1 testing typically occurs in a hospital setting on healthy human volunteers who agree to test the drug’s toxicity under close supervision. In phase 2, a small group of patients with the condition the drug is intended to help test it under supervision to see if it treats the disorder successfully. Phase 3 involves a larger patient sample and is the final stage before FDA approval.

Clinical Research at Arlington Dermatology

At Arlington Dermatology, we have participated in phase 2 and 3 trials for more than 11 years and have a perfect record of compliance. Our research has helped develop medications for rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, actinic keratosis, and more.

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