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What Adults Need to Know About Acne

Feb 1, 2017

Once the tumultuous teen years are over, people who often get acne breakouts look forward to achieving clear skin as an adult. But unfortunately, acne can follow a patient well into adulthood. Adult acne can be particularly tricky to treat. Products that were effective when the patient was a teen may no longer work later in life. However, there are highly effective cosmetic dermatology treatments available for adults with acne.

Causes and Contributing Factors

Adult acne often develops in response to hormonal fluctuations. This is one reason why women tend to suffer from acne more frequently than men. Acne may develop in response to menstruation, pregnancy, and the discontinuation of birth control pills. Some medications may contribute to acne breakouts, including anti-seizure drugs and some skincare products may clog the pores and lead to blemishes.

Cleansing Recommendations

Gentle facial cleansing is recommended for adults with acne, but no more frequently than twice per day. Adults are advised to wash with cool or lukewarm water, a non-comedogenic cleanser, and a very soft washcloth. A soft, clean towel can be used to gently blot the skin dry.

Clinical Treatments

Before receiving any cosmetic dermatology treatments for adult acne, it’s important that patients share their full medical history with the doctor. This is because certain medications may interact with each other and because some treatments are contraindicated for certain patients. A dermatologist might prescribe antibiotics, retinoids, or other treatments for persistent acne. Many patients choose to have light therapy treatment, which consists of very short treatment sessions performed two to three times per week. Each patient has his or her own unique response to light therapy, but most generally see favorable results after four to six treatments. For patients who have acne scars, the dermatologist may recommend DermaPen®. This is a fractional micro-needling device that can help minimize the appearance of acne scars.

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