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Most moles are not cause for alarm. However, dermatologists have found that people who have more than 50 to 100 moles do have a greater risk of melanoma—the deadliest form of skin cancer. Additionally, congenital moles, which are those present at birth, and moles that appear abnormal are more likely to develop into skin cancer.

f you have any concerns about your skin, you can schedule a skin exam with a dermatologist. When it comes to your health, there are no silly questions or concerns. Know the ABCDEs of melanoma. If a mole is asymmetrical, has more than one color, has an irregular border, has a diameter larger than a pencil eraser, or evolves its appearance over time, it’s time to ask a dermatologist about it.

If you’ve noticed a suspicious mole, schedule a skin exam with a dermatologist in Arlington Heights right away. You can call Arlington Dermatology at 847-392-5440 for a prompt appointment.

doctor examining patient