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Spotlight on Our Research into Acne Treatments

Jun 27, 2018

Acne is a chronic skin condition that is usually associated with adolescence but in fact affects people of all ages. The visible lesions and scarring it causes can lead to depression and lack of confidence in sufferers, and because the disease is so complex, finding the right acne treatment can be difficult. At Arlington Dermatology, we’re committed to helping patients with acne find treatments that work for them, which is why we are so involved in the research and development of new medications. Here is what you need to know about acne treatments and our clinical research trials.

Current Acne Treatments

There are a variety of treatments currently available for acne. These treatments include topical medications, oral antibiotics, light therapy treatments for breakouts, and cosmetic treatments for scarring. For most patients, finding the right treatment plan is a process of trial and error. For mild acne, it may only be necessary to use a single treatment, but people with severe acne typically need a combination of therapies to get results. Acne is a chronic condition, so it usually requires several months of treatments to achieve and maintain results.

Clinical Trials

At Arlington Dermatology, our clinical trials are focused on making acne treatments that are more effective, work faster, and are safer to take, especially for extended periods of time. For many patients, finding the right acne treatment can be frustrating and expensive, and our clinical trials are designed to help alleviate this burden by developing more effective treatments. Participants in our studies receive the trial medication at no cost, as well as free medical services and a stipend. Many patients enjoy learning about the research process through their study participation. For young people in particular, participating in one of our clinical studies can be a great way to get acne treatment affordably.

Are you interested in taking part in our clinical research for acne treatments in Arlington Heights or in learning more about our clinical study programs? If so, call Arlington Dermatology today at [company-phone id=1] for more information.

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