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Scabies is a common skin problem caused by microscopic mites, called human itch mites. These tiny, virtually invisible bugs burrow into the top layer of the skin to lay their eggs. The skin’s response to the mites causes the characteristic rash of scabies. A dermatologist can typically diagnose scabies with a visual examination. He or she might also examine a small sample of skin under a microscope to check for the mites or their eggs.

Many people hesitate to seek treatment for scabies because it’s considered an embarrassing condition. But dermatologists note that very clean, hygienic people can get scabies. It’s transmitted through skin-to-skin contact; some people get scabies from contact with infested clothing or bedding, since the mites can live for a few days without a human host.

Scabies is one of the many skin conditions we can treat here at Arlington Dermatology. If you’re experiencing skin problems like hives or itchiness, call 847-392-5440 to request a visit with a dermatologist in Arlington Heights.

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