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At Arlington Dermatology, we are closely involved in a number of different clinical trials. These trials benefit both our team of dermatologists and our patients and are an important part of finding new medications and treatments that can alleviate serious skin conditions. Patients play a central part in clinical trials. If you are thinking of participating in one, these benefits may help you make up your mind.

For many patients, the chance to get new medications for their conditions at no cost is the leading benefit. Not only may patients discover a new treatment that is more effective than any that they are currently using, but they can also get a break from the burden of medical costs. In addition to free medications and medical care, many clinical trials offer compensation. Through participation in clinical trials, patients also get to see the process involved in bringing treatments to the market and can play roles in bringing life-changing treatments to people who suffer from the same conditions that they do.

If you are interested in taking part in a clinical trial through Arlington Dermatology, talk to your dermatologist about what may be appropriate for you. To speak to one of our dermatologists, please call 847-392-5440.

doctor consulting with patient