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Answering Questions about Light Therapy for Acne

Oct 9, 2018

One of the most frustrating things about acne for dermatologists and patients alike is that it is a very complex condition without a clear treatment pathway to follow. The treatment that works perfectly for one patient may have no effect on another. One treatment that has shown promise for a large number of patients is light therapy. The following answers to common patient questions will help you decide if light therapy could be the right acne care option for you.

What is light therapy?

Light therapy involves exposing the affected skin to a very specific set of light waves for a set period of time. A narrow band of UVB waves combined with UVA waves are used to reduce skin inflammation, including the inflammation caused by acne vulgaris. Exposure is done in short bursts, ideally two to three times per week. This allows the light exposure to be therapeutic without causing damage to the skin.

What are the benefits of light therapy?

Light therapy offers several benefits. Many topical acne treatments cause skin irritation that can be uncomfortable and cause cosmetic concerns. Light therapy reduces that risk. It also offers an alternative to antibiotic medications for patients who are reluctant to take them. In other instances, light therapy is the ideal finishing touch to a comprehensive treatment plan that may also include oral medications and topical treatments.

How long will it take to get results?

Usually, patients see results from light therapy within four to six treatment sessions, but every patient is different. Your dermatologist will discuss realistic expectations for your specific case.

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