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Anyone can develop athlete’s foot, whether you’re an athlete or not. This fungal infection usually begins between the toes and can spread elsewhere on the foot. The condition develops if your feet are excessively sweaty and unable to dry quickly.

Luckily, most cases of athlete’s foot can be treated with antifungal products, home remedies and good hygiene. Here are seven tips for curing athlete’s foot.

  1. Wash and dry your feet twice daily: You may only shower once a day, but if you have athlete’s foot, you should wash your feet morning and night to help clear up the infection. Remember to scrub between your toes where the itchy rash is bound to be at its worst.
  2. Change your socks daily: Never re-wear the same pair of socks two days in a row. If your socks get wet, change them as soon as possible. You should also put on new socks after exercising or sweating excessively. Wash your socks in hot water, especially while you have athlete’s foot.
  3. Don’t wear the same shoes every day: By giving your shoes at least 24 to 48 hours to dry between each wear, you ensure a sweat-free environment where your feet can heal faster from the infection.
  4. Use antifungal powders, creams and sprays: You can find commercial products for treating athlete’s foot at the drugstore. These may include powders that you apply to your shoes or directly to your feet, along with creams and sprays designed to help manage the infection. Follow the directions on the product label with the expectation that you should continue treatment for one to two weeks after the rash clears up to prevent a recurrence.
  5. Go barefoot at home (but not in public places): Fungus may grow on pool decks, in locker rooms or at the gym, so don’t go barefoot in these paces. Instead, stick to bare feet at home and wear sandals in public to give your feet fresh air while they heal from the fungal infection.
  6. Wear the right shoes and socks: When you can’t wear sandals, choose breathable shoes. Remember, if you wear shoes that keep water out, they will also keep sweat in. Also, select socks made of synthetic materials designed to wick away moisture. Cotton and wool tend to trap sweat against your skin, so avoid these materials until your athlete’s foot clears up.
  7. Don’t share shoes, socks or towels: The fungus that causes athlete’s foot can spread between hosts, so remember never to share personal items that touch your feet, especially while you’re infected.

If your athlete’s foot symptoms don’t go away after a week or two of trying these at-home treatments, it may be time to visit a dermatologist. Contact Arlington Dermatology in Rolling Meadows, IL at (847) 725-0824 to schedule an appointment with one of our skin care experts today.