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How to Maintain a Balanced Complexion

Jan 13, 2020

For people with combination skin, maintaining a balanced complexion can be tricky. Especially during a change of seasons, when the weather exacerbates the issue of having skin that’s both dry and oily. Dealing with blemishes and rough patches simultaneously is frustrating. The good news is that with some expert advice and a few strategic habits, you can keep your skin healthy and balanced no matter what’s going on outside.

  • Beauty sleep is not just a cliché. Getting enough sleep can be useful for your overall well-being, and it also does great things for your skin. Your skin heals itself while you sleep, so if you’re slacking on your rest, the sun you get during the day can make your skin less elastic over time. Seven to nine hours of sleep is about the right amount for most people, and the best way to reach your sleep goals is to set regular times for sleeping and keep your bedroom comfortable. Additionally, make sure to use a night cream that hydrates your skin.
  • Keep your bedding clean. Your pillowcases and sheets can quickly become contaminated by daily pollutants, dead skin cells, and oils, and when these come into contact with your skin, they can irritate it and clog your pores. Remedy this situation by washing sheets and pillowcases regularly.
  • Don’t be hard on your skin. Combination skin can require a little bit of extra attention, and sometimes people make the mistake of over-scrubbing or over-exfoliating it. Be gentle with your skin, making sure to moisturize it well, using antioxidants and oils to fight sun damage and help your skin stay hydrated. A common worry is that facial oils will make combination skin oilier, but in fact, beauty oils can help balance your skin.
  • Never skip your sunscreen. Whether you’re inside or outside, in every season, wear sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays. In the summer, use a 30 SPF or higher broad-spectrum, oil-free sunscreen lotion under your makeup. A mineral SPF powder can be invaluable for daytime re-application because you’ll be able to preserve your makeup while preventing sun damage.
  • Use toner faithfully. After cleaning your skin and before applying moisturizer or serum, use a toner to clear dead cells from the skin’s surface while also hydrating the skin.
  • Don’t get hung up on foundation. When you use heavy base makeup, you run the risk of clogging your pores and making dry patches more prominent. Use concealer when necessary, and strive for a skin regimen that lets your healthy-skin shine through.

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