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Going Make Up Free

Mar 24, 2023


One of the current trends in the beauty world is the idea of going “makeup free.” While some may think this is a silly idea, there are actually many benefits to reducing your makeup use. Your skin will thank you! Let’s take a look at why going makeup free can be beneficial for your skin care routine.


Restore Your Skin’s Natural Balance

A great reason to go make up free is that it gives your skin a chance to restore its natural balance. Without makeup, the oils and moisture of your skin can stay balanced and not dry out or be over-washed with product. This helps keep your skin healthy, supple, and clear — naturally!


Less Clogged Pores & Pimples

Since we just discussed how reducing makeup use can help with oil production, it should come as no surprise that less clogged pores and fewer pimples are another benefit. When you don’t have heavy products on your skin all day long, your pores won’t become blocked with product buildup, which means fewer pimples over time!


Expose Your Skin to Less Bacteria

In addition to reducing the occurrence of facial acne, avoiding makeup also means exposing less bacteria to your skin. When you wear makeup day after day without taking a break, there is an increased risk for dirt and other pollutants in the air sticking in your pores. This can lead to irritation, inflammation, or even infection if left unchecked.


Make Fine Lines Less Noticeable

If you want smooth-looking skin with no visible fine lines or wrinkles, try going make up free for at least one day each week. By doing this regularly, you’ll help reduce the appearance of fine lines because there won’t be any heavy products clogging your pores or settling into wrinkles. Plus, it will give your face some time off from being weighed down by all that product!


Give Your Lashes a New Fullness

Another benefit of taking a break from wearing makeup is that it can help give new fullness to your lashes over time. When you don’t use mascara or other eye makeup products daily, it gives them time to rest and recover — allowing them to grow back stronger than ever before!


Reduction of Oil Production

When you reduce your makeup use, you reduce the amount of oil production that occurs on your face. Many foundations, concealers, and other types of makeup contain oil or wax-like substances that can clog pores and lead to an increase in oil production. Without these added oils and products on your face, your skin has a chance to breathe and allow its natural oils to remain balanced.


Healthier Skin

Believe it or not, taking a break from wearing makeup can actually lead to healthier looking skin when used correctly. By removing all products from your face for periods of time throughout the week (even if it’s only one day!), you give your skin time to regenerate itself without any interference from additional products. You can also spend this time using skincare treatments such as masks or special scrubs that wouldn’t normally be possible while wearing makeup.


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At Arlington Dermatology in Rolling Meadows, IL, our team strives to provide our customers with education about proper skin care habits and routines so they look their best each day! Going make up free has many benefits for proper skin care. Consider taking a break from wearing makeup occasionally! Our team would love to hear what steps our customers have taken in their own skincare routine so don’t hesitate to reach out today!