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Fall Skincare

Sep 22, 2023

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Fall Skincare

As the seasons change, so do our skincare needs. Did you know that adjusting your skincare routine for every season will ensure you have the best skin for every condition? As fall approaches, with its cooler temperatures, falling humidity, and dryer indoor air, your skincare routine will need a few tweaks, to keep your skin healthy and looking its best. Arlington Dermatology breaks down suggested fall skincare routines, and what you should be changing to meet your skin’s needs in the new season.

Why do you need to adjust your skincare as summer turns to fall?

In the summer, temperatures are high, the air is humid, and you’re exposed to UV rays and spend a great deal of time in the air conditioning. In the fall, there’s a nip in the air, the humidity levels drop, the days are shorter, there is more wind, and you’re exposed to indoor heating, which dries the air. It’s likely that your skin will begin to suffer, and you may have more irritation, redness, dry skin, and worsening of conditions like eczema.

7 Tips For Fall Skincare

  1. Stay hydrated to help your skin remain moist. When you drink water, it hydrates your skin from the inside out. As the wind rises and you’re inside in dry heat, you will definitely need more moisture to keep your skin from becoming too dry. Proper hydration can also go a long way towards preventing breakouts.
  2. Choose thick creams over light moisturizers. In the summer, heavy moisturizers can weigh down your skin, because the air is full of moisture, too. In the fall, you need a thick facial cream, with emollient and occlusive ingredients to soften the skin and seal in moisture.
  3. Cut back on exfoliation. Exfoliators are good for sloughing off dead skin cells, but in the fall, they can be too harsh, increasing sensitivity, irritation, and redness. You can use a gentle exfoliator once or twice a week, but don’t overdo it.
  4. Keep your lips supple. Don’t neglect the care of your lips; it’s easy for lips to become chapped and cracked in the fall. Wear lip balm, preferably with SPF, to hydrate and protect your lips.
  5. Avoid irritants. Be careful to avoid ingredients that can strip your skin, like fragrance and alcohol, opting instead for products suitable for sensitive skin in the fall. Essential oils, strong acids, and sulfates can also cause irritation, so perform a patch test with any new product before using it.
  6. Hydrate your skin. In the fall focus on keeping your skin moist, all over your body. Don’t just moisturize your face, but use body lotion as well. For best results, apply body moisturizer immediately after your shower, when your skin is still damp, to help seal in moisture. Use hydrating cleansers to wash your face, too, and consider adding facial oils into your skincare routing. When choosing products to moisturize your skin, look for products with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and ceramides to prevent and repair dry skin.
  7. Don’t ditch the sunscreen. You might think that when the heat of summer has past, you no longer need protection from the sun’s UV rays. In fact, sunscreen needs to be worn all year, because even in the wind, rain, and snow, SPF protects you from sunlight that comes through the clouds and reflects off of water. Using sunscreen all year will help slow skin aging and reduce damage.

Adjust Your Routine to Match Your Skin Type

If you have oily skin, fall can be a boon, lowering your risk of a break out. Using moisturizer with hyaluronic acid, which attracts water to skin, can appropriately hydrate oily skin. Consider switching from a sunscreen moisturizer to an SPF powder, to protect the skin can absorb excess oil. On the other hand, dry skin can be problematic in the fall, and if you have dry skin you will need to focus on preserving your skin’s moisture barrier. Don’t use a facial brush or scrub, and switch to a thick moisturizer, with occlusive ingredients that prevent water loss. Consider an ointment, the heaviest moisturizer you can find. Be careful not to use products with alpha hydroxy acid or retinoids, because they can irritate dry skin.

Caring for Your Skin Year-Round with Arlington Dermatology

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