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Skin Treatments From An Accomplished Dermatologist

Arlington Dermatology has been serving patients for over 40 years. Dr. Michael Bukhalo is certified by the American Board of Dermatology (Why See A Board Certified Dermatologist) and is a certified Mohs surgeon. He specializes in treating patients affected by simple and/or complicated skin conditions; such as skin cancer, chronic skin diseases, aging and corrective needs. We offer the most innovative methods of treatment utilizing state of the art medical equipment, a convenient location, and a patient-friendly facility.

Dr. Michael Bukhalo has been with the practice for 15 years, serving alongside Dr. Arthur Altman and Dr. Jeffrey Altman. As the current owner, Dr. Michael Bukhalo aspires to take Arlington Dermatology as a means to serve with utmost care, people in need of a physician who takes attentive and serious approach to all medical skin conditions. Keeping the best health and welfare of our patients is our top priority.

Arlington Dermatology staff

Highly-Qualified, Professional Staff

Along with providing patients quality medical care, Dr. Michael Bukhalo is also a nationally recognized Primary Investigator for FDA regulated clinical trials. He has dedicated his time and effort in helping patients find new solutions to their dermatologic medical conditions.

Arlington Dermatology is a place people seek for the type of care they need. We respond by employing highly qualified, multi-lingual staff members who take pride in assisting patients with medical education, insurance concerns, and always take the initiative to provide helpful advice.

Patient-Centered Care for All Ages