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Skin Care Tips for Men with Rosacea

Feb 19, 2019

Both men and women can be diagnosed with rosacea, but men often feel they have fewer skin care options than women. Luckily, this isn’t actually the case – you simply need to adopt a rosacea skin care regimen tailored to men.

Wash your face gently.

Select a mild, fragrance-free cleanser to use on your face morning and night. Gently massage the cleanser into your skin with your fingertips and rinse with warm (not hot) water. Then, pat (don’t rub) your face dry with a clean, absorbent towel.

Apply sunscreen daily.

Excess sun exposure only makes your rosacea worse, so be sure to wear sunscreen whenever you go outside, whether in summer or winter. For the best results with your sensitive skin, use an oil-free product containing zinc oxide.

Take prescribed antibiotics.

Talk to your doctor about your skin condition. You may be able to obtain a prescription for metronidazole gel, a topical treatment that can help moderate to severe rosacea remain in remission. If your skin condition is unmanageable or affects your eyes, seek oral antibiotics from your doctor to get the flare-up under control.

Shave carefully.

Because rosacea usually affects the upper cheeks and nose, you may be able to shave without difficulty. However, hair follicle inflammation – a condition called folliculitis – is common in men with rosacea, which could make shaving incredibly irritating. If you have to shave over affected areas of skin, consider using an electric razor to avoid razor burn. If you prefer a traditional razor and shaving cream, change the blades frequently.

Be careful about the products you choose. Read the labels of shaving cream and after-shave carefully. Avoid ingredients known to aggravate rosacea, including alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate, salicylic acid, mint, menthol, eucalyptus oil, clove oil, camphor, witch hazel and any artificial fragrances. Opt for post-shave balm or moisturizer rather than traditional after-shave to soothe your skin. Stop using shaving products immediately if they sting or cause your rosacea to flare up.

Cover up redness.

Men and women alike can camouflage the redness of rosacea with green-tinted cover-up. Use this product on days when your cheeks are redder than usual.

Seek professional treatment for rosacea.

Rather than merely masking facial redness, consider treating rosacea with laser therapy. Papulopustular and ocular rosacea, the types that causes bumps and pimples or eye irritation, can be treated with antibiotics or creams. Phymatous rosacea, which can cause a swollen and enlarged nose, can only be treated with surgery.

The best way to treat rosacea is to visit a dermatologist. This skin care professional can provide an accurate diagnosis of your condition and offer expert advice about the most effective treatments available.

If you have symptoms of rosacea, or you were recently diagnosed with this skin condition, seek treatment at Arlington Dermatology in Rolling Meadows, IL. We’ll help you get rid of the redness with effective, minimally invasive procedures. To schedule an appointment, please contact our dermatologist at (847) 725-0824.