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Anti-Inflammatory Skincare Solutions

Oct 8, 2022


At Arlington Dermatology in Rolling Meadows, IL, we understand how difficult it can be to manage inflamed skin. Whether your skin is red, itchy, or breaking out, there are a variety of anti-inflammatory skincare solutions that can help you keep your skin looking and feeling its best. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what causes inflamed skin and the best types of anti-inflammatory skincare to help tackle the issue.


What Causes Inflamed Skin?

Inflamed skin can manifest in many ways like redness, dark spots, itching, breakouts, and swelling. There are many factors to inflamed skin such as allergies, pollution, hard water sensitivities, and many more! It’s important to identify what is causing your inflammation so that you can choose the right type of skincare for you.


Types of Anti-Inflammatory Skincare

At Arlington Dermatology, we recommend using products with natural ingredients like aloe vera and green tea extract to reduce inflammation. Other popular ingredients to look out for include chamomile extract and honey which both have calming properties that can reduce irritation and inflammation. Products with vitamins E and C will also help repair your damaged skin cells while promoting long term healing with antioxidants.


For more sensitive areas like eyes or lips, opt for a gentle cream that specifically targets these areas rather than an all-over cream which could be too harsh. We recommend using sunscreen when venturing outdoors as UV rays can cause further damage to already irritated skin cells. This is particularly important if you have rosacea or eczema as they are more prone to UV sensitivity.


The Benefits of Anti-Inflammatory Skincare Solutions

The benefits of anti-inflammatory skincare solutions are numerous and extend far beyond basic skin maintenance. With these solutions, inflammation that can be caused by exposure to pollutants, allergens, and changes in the environment can be minimized. The anti-inflammatory properties help to promote a balanced complexion and fight off bacteria that often cause irritation in the skin. The result is an improved overall complexion with fewer breakouts, dry patches, and other skin issues. Aside from improving the appearance of skin and fighting off bacteria, anti-inflammatory skincare solutions can also help control oil production as well as reduce sensitivity to temperatures, weather changes, and extreme elements.


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Inflamed skin is a common issue that many people experience daily. Fortunately, there are plenty of natural anti-inflammatory skincare options available at Arlington Dermatology that can help you tackle the problem from multiple angles. From moisturizers to creams specifically designed for sensitive areas around the eyes and lips, you don’t have to suffer from inflamed skin any longer! If you have any questions about our range of anti-inflammatory skincare products or would like advice tailored just for you—we’re here to help! Contact us today at 847-392-5440 for more information about our products and services at Arlington Dermatology in Rolling Meadows, IL.