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Protect Your Skin This Winter with These Simple Tips

Nov 10, 2022


Winter can be a tricky season for our skin. All the cold, dry air, combined with indoor heat, low humidity levels and winter winds can wreak havoc on our complexions. From sunburns to windburns to drying out of your skin–it’s important to take extra steps to ensure that your skin is properly protected during the colder months. Arlington Dermatology in Rolling Meadows, IL is here to help you keep your skin healthy this winter with these simple tips!


Moisturize Regularly

Moisturizing regularly is key for keeping your skin hydrated and healthy in the winter. You should look for a moisturizer that’s rich enough to create a seal over your skin and prevent water loss while still being light enough to absorb quickly into the skin. Also, make sure you’re using an appropriate moisturizer for your specific skin type. If you have oily or combination skin, opt for something oil-free or noncomedogenic; those with dry or mature skin may need something more emollient. Finally, don’t forget about the rest of your body! Make sure you’re applying moisturizer all over, not just on your face!


Protect Yourself from Sun Damage

Even though it may be cold outside and cloudy most days, UV rays are still present in the winter! It’s important to wear sunscreen every day–even when it looks like there aren’t any harmful rays present in the sky. Choose a product specifically designed for use on the face (as opposed to an all-over body sunscreen) that contains SPF 30 or higher. And remember, reapply throughout the day if you plan on spending long periods outdoors!


Take Care When Applying Makeup

To keep moisture locked into the skin, avoid using products like powder foundation which can cause dehydration due to their ingredients and matte finish properties. Instead, opt for cream foundations as they provide longer lasting coverage while still providing hydration benefits during wear time. Additionally, make sure you don’t skip out on primers and setting sprays. These products are essential for preventing makeup transfer onto clothing and other surfaces while also providing additional protection against environmental stressors like cold weather and strong winds!


Schedule a Winter Skin Care Consultation Today!

At Arlington Dermatology we understand how important it is that our patients take care of their skin during the winter months. Make sure you follow these tips carefully to preserve beautiful looking skin year-round! Our team of Board-Certified dermatologists is devoted to providing the highest standard of care for our patients. With over four decades worth of expertise, we proudly offer innovative treatments in a modern facility located in Rolling Meadows, Illinois–where patient comfort and convenience are always at the forefront. Contact Arlington Dermatology today at 847-392-5440 if you have any questions about how best to care for your complexion this winter season or schedule a consultation!