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Understanding Retinol

Are you curious about Retinol? We see the word Retinol in many skin care products, and they boast their benefits. What is Retinol? Why are they good for our skin? We take a dive into Retinol to understand what it does to our skin and why it’s in so many products these...

The Year of Reduced Stress

The Year of Reduced Stress Are you feeling stressed these days? You are not alone in that. The post-pandemic world seems full of bad news, and the economic climate is less than ideal, so most of us are under pressure, and that can cause undue stress. You know that...

High School Internship Leads to Opportunity

Among the staff of a local doctor’s office is a teenager getting ready for college. What started as an internship at Arlington Dermatology has led to an even bigger opportunity for one recent high school graduate. Angelica Groszek always knew she wanted a career in...